Thursday, 20 November 2008

Dame Vivienne Westwood I salute you!

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My admiration to Dame Vivienne Westwood is like America’s to Obama, she is every part the living cool, not only through her contribution to fashion but her involvement in society and political stance.

At the 2008 Walpole Awards for Excellence in British Luxury last night, fashion royalty Westwood, urged UK companies to strive for "quality not quantity" in today's difficult climate.

Westwood, who spoke after receiving this year's Medal of Excellence for her contribution to British design, said in order for companies to survive the financial downturn, they must look to sustain the calibre of their product, rather than aim for growth.

For this I say congrats Dame Westwood on your impeccable wisdom and ‘god like’ position in British fashion design; it is good to have you on our side making sense of it all and pushing us to be better fashionistas!’.

I curtsy at your feet…

Who's the lucky birthday girl??

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Every girl wants to be on the invite list to the most stylish girl in history birthday party but lucky for us this one is a massive celebration that we are all invited to!

Barbie has been gracing our presence in the most happening outfits and living the dream life with her own car, campervan, castle, house and lets not forget the dashing Ken for 49 glamorous years. Next year we see the ageless beauty turn the big five zero and wow does this girl know how to celebrate!!

Mattel, the infamous Barbie makers, have teamed up with Jeremy Scott and wait for it ..Vera Wang! To launch a designer clothing range for humans, complete with cosmetics and a glam catwalk show at New York fashion week to celebrate her 50 years of doll royalty!

The iconic doll and her journey through history will inspire the outfits’ design and the ultimate dress will be Barbie’s party frock designed by the queen of all gowns- Vera Wang. I do find this all slightly depressing that Barbie has a better wardrobe and social lifestyle than me!

I would personally love to say a pre Happy birthday to Barbie, as we were best friends for many years and ambassador to my addiction of all things clothed, shoes and hairbrushes? And I hope when I am 50 I look exactly like her!


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My dearest Mohair jumper,

From the moment our eyes met from across the rails at Help the Aged I knew it was love at first sight.

This is my love letter to you. I appreciate everything you do for me. Your giving nature and fuzzy texture keeps me warm on cold days. Your happy colours that lighten up my life and stretch the biggest grin on my face from cheek to cheek. Your ability to make me feel good by making my legs look slimmer cause of your bulky exterior is the attribute I cherish the most.

I will cherish you forever and promise to never share you with anyone, you are forever mine, one of a kind made by some caring old soul.

At times you push our relationship to its limits. Your tendency to act like a 'moth to a flame' to my lip gloss, expressing your furry love to my pout, can irritate my other love affair with MAC lip glass. Also, I know you get jealous of other clothes, which is why you feel the need to embrace yourself on every other surface:- jackets, pillows, tights but you need not worry my chunky mohair you are always at the forefront of styling in my mind.

Just knowing your there is what keeps me happy, rain or snow, ankle boots/tights or with leggings, you are the perfect centrepiece of my wardrobe.

And this…is why I love you.

Forever yours


Friday, 19 September 2008

Peter Pilloto Runway LFW

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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Erdem - Guests dress to Impress

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Peter Pilloto...Guests Dress

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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Emma Cook LFW Beauty, Hair and Style

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